IAA educational programs are always employer-partner sponsored. IAA programs are only open to the employees or invited guests of our employer-partners. Our application process is solely for the purpose of recruiting potential employees, current employees and invited guests for our employer-partners.

IAA educational programs are designed to provide the academic knowledge, technical skills, and hands-on training needed to succeed in a specific career field. At the same time, an IAA education helps individuals develop the communications, human relations, citizenry, and analytical skills essential for your career growth and advancement. Our year-round, on-demand format enables the employees or invited guests of our employer-partners to complete their studies and advance in their employment with our employer-partners as quickly as possible.

At IAA, we provide the personal attention essential for individualized academic and professional success. The faculty brings professional experience and knowledge, and strong academic backgrounds which create an environment that supports the learning environment. In all IAA academic programs, individuals gain an understanding about the expectations of their sponsored employer and develop the range of skills to gain and maintain employment with our employer-partners. IAA staff and faculty are available to support our student’s challenges on the path to graduation.

When the employees or invited guests of our employer-partners enroll at IAA, we ask that they come motivated to be successful in their chosen career field and prepared to be challenged with new ideas and thoughts. Our faculty maintains high standards of behavior for themselves and for our students. We look forward to meeting every new student and we invite them to join us in continuing the IAA tradition of excellence in career-focused employer-sponsored education.
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