To apply for participation in one of our employer-sponsored programs, applicants must complete an online application found at Applicants will be notified after IAA receives their completed application.

The following items must be successfully completed for an applicant to be considered for program participation:
  • -  Application for admission with required documentation
  • -  Application fee*
  • -  Attendance at a mandatory information session
  • -  Aptitude and online learning assessments
  • -  Program staff and employer-partner staff interviews
* Payment of all application fees are made by our employer-partners sponsoring the program.

The Office of Admissions will review the application for admission and all supporting materials and notify the applicant in writing the status of admission to the school. The applicant will be subject to all selection procedures and requirements of the employer-partner sponsoring the program.

IAA reserves the right to reject applicants and/or rescind eligibility for an applicant to begin a program if the items listed above are not successfully completed within the required timeframe. Admission to any one program does not automatically qualify an applicant for admission into any other program. If an applicant wishes to apply to another program in the future, the individual must independently meet all the requirements for that program. The applicant will also be subject to all selection procedures in place for selection into the other program. Admittance into the other program is not guaranteed.

When selected to participate in a program, the employee or invited guest of the employer-partner must provide the following at the time of enrollment:
  • -  Copy of high school diploma,
  • -  Official high school transcript showing graduation date,
  • -  Copy of General Education Diploma (GED), or
  • -  Other official acceptable proof of graduation**
** A valid institution providing secondary or post-secondary education, or the equivalent of such graduation. A valid institution is one that is recognized as a provider of education by the U.S. Department of Education
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