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Certificate in Advanced Machine Tool Technology

The Certificate in Advanced Machine Tool Technology combines an intense distance education program that readies an individual for entry-level employment at an advanced manufacturing business with a Vermont and New Hampshire state-registered apprenticeship program. This certificate addresses the education and training needs of a potential employee and an employer’s need for assurance of productivity before hiring an inexperienced worker. The Certificate in Advanced Machine Tool Technology program has demonstrated success in educating and employing individuals who have the aptitude, but no prior experience in a technical field. The length of time normally required to complete this program is 4 months full-time.

Candidates for the Advanced Machine Tool Technology Certificate Program are administered the Working with Numbers, Understanding Instructions, Visual Checking, Mechanical Comprehension, and Clerical Checking Tests by SHL Talent Measurement. Raw scores are calculated and ranked within the current program candidate pool. Candidates must score in the top 50th percentile. Exceptions to this standard may be considered and are determined by unanimous decision following a committee review of the candidate's overall qualifications by program faculty.

Program Outline

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