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IAA education programs are designed to be employer based. IAA programs are only open to the employees or invited guests of our employer-partners. Each IAA program involves an education model that embraces innovative concepts in workforce development as well as rigorous academic standards. Beyond our formal education delivery methods, we offer employers a program that begins with a rigorous selection process that ends with the employer-partner sponsoring students who are fully able to perform in their workplace position.

From the employer perspective, the model involves business and workforce analysis, outreach and recruitment, curriculum development and delivery, transition into the workplace, performance standards and reviews, apprenticeship and mentoring, and employee retention. The model has been successfully adopted by employers across a wide variety of industries and career positions.

For employees or potential invited guests of the employer-partner, the model involves program and career orientation, aptitude assessments, interviewing and selection, education, transition into employment, and mentoring during an apprenticeship. Industry certifications are included as part of the curriculum where appropriate, and academic credits offered through articulation agreements, depending upon the specific program being implemented.
Recruitment, Assessment & Selection

Our application process is solely for the purpose of recruiting potential employees, current employees and invited guests for our employer-partners to enroll in the sponsoring employer-partner education program.

Once an employer-partner has agreed to sponsor an education program, program applicants are recruited through an extensive marketing and outreach campaign involving the employer, state government, and nonprofit and faith-based organizations. On behalf of the employer, recruitment efforts consist of statewide media releases, television, newspaper and magazine news articles, paid radio and newspaper announcements, participation at various job fairs, direct mail solicitation, and poster distribution. IAA also recruits the internal employees of the employer-partner when appropriate for advancement within the organization.

Interested applicants apply on-line and those who complete a full application are invited to attend a mandatory information session, and complete a number of career-specific aptitude assessments. No previous experience is required. A subset of applicants is invited to a series of panel and one-on-one interviews with program staff, and a subset of those are then interviewed for final selection by the employer-partner sponsoring the education program.

Employer-partners select those to participate in the program (i.e., their employees or invited guests) based on their application and resume, aptitude for the basic competencies required in the career, observed behavior throughout the selection process, and on an employer-partner’s organizational fit for employment or advancement with the employer-partner’s organization. Our employer-partners make the final selection on which specific applicant(s) they wish to “invite” to enroll and participate in the program.

The education model embraces a total immersion competency-based education philosophy that begins with a curriculum specifically focused on the employer- partner’s career opportunities. Students spend 8 to 9 hours a day, 5 days a week, in their studies with 4 hours of additional coursework each evening and 8 hours on the weekend. The curriculum is developed and delivered by IAA faculty, teaching assistants, and employer-partner adjunct faculty. Students are supported throughout the education program by IAA’s student services as necessary.
Employment and Apprenticeship

Transition to employment, or advancement in a career, may either occur upon a student’s enrollment into the program or upon their successful graduation from the program, based upon the employer-partner’s agreement with the sponsored employee or invited guest.

Apprenticeship is a cornerstone of all IAA programs. At the appropriate time, employees or invited guests of the employer are enrolled in a state-registered apprenticeship with the sponsoring employer. Stepped up wages based on merit are offered to apprentices who complete a set of predetermined competencies within a given time frame. Upon completion of the apprenticeship, a student will receive a Certificate of Completion of Apprenticeship from the U.S. Department of Labor.

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