Coaching and Mentoring

IAA’s programs include a significant hands-on, guided real-work component. Each faculty member utilizes one or more teaching assistants, who may be employees of IAA or of the employer-partner sponsoring the program. The intention is to enable students to apply their academic learning to a real work environment, while being coached and mentored by someone who is familiar with the professional requirements. Throughout the academic and externship portions of any program, students are expected to communicate questions, concerns and issues that affect performance.

During the academic portion of the program, the teaching assistant and/or mentor monitor students’ progress toward their academic goals, often through the use of daily quizzes designed to identify areas where support or coaching may be warranted. Teaching assistants or mentors may inquire into study habits, learning styles, or other non-academic issues that may be affecting the student’s ability to progress in the program. The aim is to connect students with the kinds of support, whether internal or external to IAA, that will bolster the students’ ability to succeed.

During the externship portion of the program, the teaching assistant and/or mentor will communicate closely with students to ensure that competency expectations are being achieved. Support is also given as needed to assist students in adapting to the work environment, including, but not limited to, coaching regarding conflicts with or concerns about co-workers and supervisors.

Students at IAA are employer-sponsored. However, should a IAA graduate become unemployed, the school may offer re-employment support in the areas of:
  • -  Job search planning and implementation
  • -  Resume and cover letter preparation
  • -  Mock interviews
  • -  References to job openings of which Career Services is aware
The Career Services Office may be contacted for more information or to schedule an appointment to receive assistance.
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