Because of the full immersion structure of each of IAA’s certificate programs, it is highly unlikely that a student who misses more than two days of academics will be successful in the program. Therefore, a leave of absence from a certificate program will only be approved in the most extreme circumstances. Should a student in a certificate program be required to miss more than two days of academics, it will be necessary for the student to discontinue the certificate program. The student may reapply for another certificate program session; however, IAA cannot guarantee when or if the program will be offered again.

In any of IAA’s programs, a leave of absence is granted only to students who wish temporarily to interrupt their education for the following reasons: medical emergency, military leave, or other approved family crisis. A leave of absence will not be granted for failure to make satisfactory academic progress.

A request for leave must be made to the Dean of Student Affairs. The written request to the Dean of Student Affairs must include dated third-party verification of the reason for the leave of absence as well as a typed letter outlining the reason for the request.

A leave of absence may not exceed more than 180 days within a 12-month period. The period of the leave of absence may not begin until the student has submitted and the school has approved a written and signed request for an approved leave of absence. If the student does not return following the leave of absence, the school must terminate the student and apply the school’s refund policy in accordance with applicable and published requirements.
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